Yen Press New Manga and Light Novels Include GOBLIN SLAYER and SWORD ART ONLINE

Yen Press recently revealed some new titles joining their catalog. There are some new manga titles, light novels, and even an art book that they’ve recently acquired. In addition to these titles, the company announced even more new titles during Anime Expo Lite on July 3rd. What title are you most excited for?


My life was pretty ordinary. Go to college, live in an apartment, hang out with people. But because of that pompous, irritating girl I grew up with, I got dragged into a huge mess. As usual. Now I’m in another world where she’s a well-respected shrine maiden…and I got turned into a cat. How did it come to this?!

Adapted from an online novel, The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap falls into the growing category of shojo isekai titles. This adorable and beautifully illustrated manga will appeal to a large audience of shojo fantasy fans eager for more.

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