WISDOM UNDER FIRE is an Amazing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS One Shot Themed After Australia

I have a love for wombats. These lovable, furry creatures are native to Australia which has been dealing with some really bad fires. To celebrate Australia and in an attempt to help raise money for recovery efforts, some DMs Guild creators have teamed up for what looks to be an amazing one-shot adventure. Agustina von Fuchs, Ashton, Duncan, Bridie Dutton, Brittney Hay, Christopher Harding, Joseph Bahm, Josh Zugai, Kayla Bayens, Keith M Rohlman, Lydia Van Hoy, Matthew Whitby, Ruby Kemp, Sadie Lowry, Sharene Gilchrist, Tallulah Cunningham, Tineke Bolleman, and Valeria Moreno have written Wisdom Under Fire. This adventure is designed for 5 level 4-7 characters and they’ll be using the included Wombat race. To help get players going even faster, there are some pre-generated characters available with your purchase including a Bard, Druid, Paladin, Rogue, and Wizard. I love this so much! There are also statblocks for over 50 creatures inspired by Australia. To make things the best, all profits will go to Wildlife Victoria.

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