Two-Time Olympic Silver Medalist to Lead Cast of SAILOR MOON: PRISM ON ICE

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Prism on Ice is an upcoming ice show for Sailor Moon and now we know the whole cast and it is incredible. Leading the Sailor Guardians is two-time Olympic silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia as Sailor Moon. She will be joined by four-time Japanese national champion Satoko Miyahara as Sailor Mercury, Olympic bronze medalist Mirai Nagasu as Sailor Mars, two-time U.S. national champion Alissa Czisny as Sailor Jupiter, 2008 Junior Grand Prix Final champion Becky Bereswill as Sailor Venus, and two-time Grand Prix Final champion Andrew Poje as Tuxedo Mask.

In addition to the talent of these incredibly skilled skaters, the voice cast of Sailor Moon Crystal will be reprising their roles. Sailor Moon is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, Sailor Mercury by Hisako Kanemoto, Sailor Mars by Rina Sato, Sailor Jupiter by Ami Koshimizu, and Sailor Venus by Shizuka Ito.

Prism on Ice will perform for three nights at KOSE Shin Yokohama Skate Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, from June 5-7. I really hope that this show goes international. I’d love to watch this!

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