Try to Survive a Haunted House in THE HEART OF THE HOUSE

I’ve got a new haunting adventure for Dungeons & Dragons fans to check out during the spooky month of October. The Heart of the House comes from the team of Brittney Hay, Riley Gryc, Cat Evans, Kristina Sisto Kindel, V.J. Harris, and Ashton Duncan with art by Saga Mackenzie and Sonya Henar. The adventure is desigend for 3-5 level 10 adventurers. Players will find themselves trapped in a house. Can they survive or will the house get the final laugh? There are some strong items in the adventure that DMs and adventurers should be aware of before starting including “abandonment, memory loss, neglect, and briefly touches upon a child’s death.”

An old house that sits atop a hill has gained sentience throughout the years of ownership and abandonment. Something is alluring about this house like a siren’s call, so much that the village below warns children and those that wander through not to “get too close.” The house draws people to it, and once they have crossed the threshold, they cannot leave. It plays tricks with its victims, confusing them when they step from one room to the next, never allowing them to find the “exit.” The house turns these people into husks of their former selves, feeding off the memories of the life that they bring with them like a vampire. These thraws wander the corridors, wailing, and searching for something lost that they cannot remember. The house’s hunger can never be quenched. It longs for more memories to consume, attempting to fill the void that its former inhabitants left by abandoning it so many years ago.

You can purchase The Heart of the House from DMs Guild for $9.95 until November 1 when the pricing will change.

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