TORCHLIGHT III Reveals New Location for The Final Story Act

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time playing Torchlight III. It’s a fun ARPG in my book. Well, Perfect World Entertainment recently revealed the location of the third story act. The final part of the story in Torchlight III will take place in Echonok. Filled with unique environments and challenging dungeons, Echonok has a bit of a more mechanical feel incorporated into the fantasy world of Torchlight III, but there’s still plenty of that fantasy to make sure it doesn’t feel out of place.

Players exploring Echonok will continue their quest to put a stop to the Netherim incursion while plundering the ancient halls of the Dwarves. After defeating the twisted, Netherim-infested Sadista, it’s up to brave Torchlight III adventurers to take down her cunning sister Veriss, who carries the Void Heart, and with it, the power to merge the human and Netherim worlds. However, preventing Veriss’ deadly plan from unfolding is not a simple quest to complete; players need to safely navigate the craggy peaks of Mt. Echonok where the Voltura, vile and strange bird-machine hybrid scavengers, have made and viciously defend their homes.

With the fate of humanity at risk, adventurers must brave the new frontier and hack and slash their way to save the human worlds from the evil Netherim once and for all.

I personally am excited to get to Echonok in Torchlight III which is available through Steam via Early Access.

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