The New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Unearthed Arcana Features the Artificer, Druid, and Ranger

Dungeons & Dragons recently released yet another Unearthed Arcana. We got three more subclasses being considered: The Armorer Artificer, Circle of the Stars Druid, and Fey Wanderer Ranger. These subclasses sound pretty awesome. The Armorer can use heavy armor, but makes it cooler by turning it into Power Armor that serves as a spellcasting focus as well as providing awesome bonuses to defense and offense. Meanwhile, the Circle of the Stars allows a Druid to use the stars to their advantage. I think that Cosmic Omen is a cool feature that allows you to impose advantage or disadvantage on a creature as a reaction depending on if you roll an even or odd number. Finally, the Fey Wanderer lets you deal extra psychic dmaage with a bunch of your attacks. Honestly, my favorite part was the Feywild Gifts section that listed horns or antlers sprouting from your head. It made me think of Callum from The Dragon Prince during the third season. What’s your favorite part of the new Unearthed Arcana?

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