Rian Johnson Has Released His Script For KNIVES OUT For Fans to Have Fun With During the Quarantine

One of the upsides of this stupid (but necessary) shutdown of life has been all the cool things that have been shared by artists, authors, actors, musicians, and the many talented people who are giving of themselves to bring a little fun to kids and adults during this weird and wild time we are all going through.

Director Rian Johnson has contributed to the fun this week, releasing the script for his Oscar-nominated 2019 whodunit murder mystery, Knives Out, for fans to have a little fun with. If you have to be quarantined, why not make a movie? With your family, or friends via skype or Facetime or some other means, pick a part and do your best! How’s your Colonel Sanders accent?

Johnson also released his other screenplays (minus Star Wars), including Brick, Looper, and The Brothers Bloom. Check out the tweet with the link from Johnson below, and enjoy!

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