Review: WHAT THE GOLF Is Something Every Switch User Needs

The single-player mode is deep and fleshed out. Each level has two extra challenges and a crazy amount of variety. From driving a car, hitting a golf club instead of a ball, and different types of 2D platformers, it is mind-blowing how each level is fresh and unique. Yes, there are levels that are similar and some of the harder challenges on levels can be a little too odd or easy, but it is all in good fun and just loads of creative content for players to enjoy.

Along with a massive single-player experience, there is a robust multiplayer that can rival Mario Party easily. It is only two players, which is too bad, but having more than two people on the same, small golf course little trying to throw houses up a hill would get too hectic anyways. The mode consists of two people being given a random cute and funny characters like Burger Bird or Toaster and then put through a series of levels just like the single-player mode. Whoever reaches the flag first gets a point. Then, on the final round, the players will duke it out over dodgeball, running away from crabs or other things. There is an added catch: for every level you won previously, you will have an extra life. So even if one player only won three games and their opponent won seven, they still have a chance of winning if they are really good at avoiding falling rocks (or whatever the final match is). It is a fair and fun way to bring extra thrill and engagement into the overall match.

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