Review: ERIC ANDRE: LEGALIZE EVERYTHING Shouts Silly Nonsense From The Rooftops

Among all of the different issues and political conversations going on now, Eric Andre decides to take things in a very different area talking about drugs, legalization of all drugs, various other crazy antics and more. As funny as some of his jokes are, they get drowned out by childish screaming, unnecessary and excessive language and funny, but awkward and weird amounts of nudity. His style will surely appeal to select groups, but the lack of real content and well written jokes make this Netflix Special forgettable and dismissive by most people.

Eric Andre has no filter, and this can be really great. It is interesting to see him put insane amounts of energy in his delivery with 110% commitment to the bit and jokes. His consistent subject matter of drug usage is just fine, but I think a little bit more variety in the jokes would have been nice. However, as I mentioned, his delivery is so over the top and juvenile that it it loses some of the comedic merit when he react sex positions like an adolescent teen trying way too hard to make his friends laugh. There are a number of times that the audience reacted with a blank face of annoyance rather than laughter. I’m sure that there are a lot of people that will enjoy this and this will fit their very specific tastes, and that’s fine. We can and should all enjoy a good laugh, but I found very little redeeming qualities in his style and delivery. If anything, it often distracted from the quality of the jokes.

As a side note, this is for really “mature” audiences, but even then there is some very unexpected nudity (not full, but a LOT OF SKIN for a stand up special). So get ready to see some awkward amounts of body parts. Those moments usually came together with funny jokes, but they were so out of left field that it felt more like more efforts to shock the audience with laughter instead of well written jokes with practical gags. 

Overall the special could entertain some viewers for sure, and I’d recommend watching the first two minutes (after the introductory skit which was fine). If the first two minutes are really funny and you like it, then enjoy the rest of the special, otherwise you can turn it off and watch something else.

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