Review: Easy To Find Fun In UNSPOTTABLE

There are several levels that this hunt takes place in; a sushi bar, a supermarket, a gym, a spaceship and more. Each levels’ task is pretty unique and straightforward, some of them are just to hide or pay close attention to the surrounding people’s odd or suspicious behavior. But others require picking up several items off the list and trying to escape covertly. I do wish that there were a few more of these levels, but there is still a wide enough variety to keep players well entertained for a pretty long time.

Because this is only an off-line multiplayer game, only four players are able to play, which is slightly disappointing and quite limiting. An online mode for this game would be excellent and I could see it rivaling Among Us in Twitch streams because of its cute nature, silly antics and entertaining reactions from players.

Overall, it is a simple approach to the deception genre, but it’s decisions to strip things to its bare bones and focus on fun antics are its strengths. It is very easy to play and great for just about any age or video game capability, even if it can be a little difficult to spot yourself in the beginning of some levels. But the strong observations needed to play the game create a surprisingly entertaining and enjoyable little package.

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