Rebel Wilson Set To Star in a Drama Titled THE ALMOND AND THE SEAHORSE

Rebel Wilson, who is mostly known for her comedic film roles, is looking to branch out into the dramatic space with a new film project that she’ll star in titled The Almond And The Seahorse.

The film is a feature adaptation of Kaite O’Reilly’s stage play in which she will star alongside Janet McTeer (Ozark, Albert Nobbs).

The story explores the “relationships between survivors of traumatic brain injury and their loved ones. This is not a play about a condition but rather a thought-provoking drama about people’s lives that have been changed forever by something that could happen to anyone.”

Cinematographer Tom Stern (Changeling) will make his directorial debut on the film and he will be co-directing with screenwriter Celyn Jones (The Vanishing and Six Minutes To Midnight), who is also making his feature debut in the director’s chair. Jones will be in the film, reprising a role that he played in the stage production.

Stern said in a statement:

“The Almond And The Seahorse will be a journey into the lives of two couples whose lives become irreversibly altered through simple twists of fate. We will join them in their search for new relevance in this new reality, a search that is both tragic and comedic as their worlds turn upside down. The film will be directed jointly; bridging image, drama and performance into a poignant tale of humans striving for meaning and love.”

Producers Andy Evans, Sean Marley, and Alex Ashworth added:

“Making The Almond And The Seahorse will be an honour. It’s a real credit to Kaite O’Reilly’s brilliant source material that the screenplay turned out so well and attracted a stunning, world class cast. We can’t wait to tell this remarkable story together, a moving and humorous story that needs to be told.”

Producer Stephen Kelliher went on to say:

“We are thrilled to be working with such a prestigious cast and crew on this uniquely life affirming story which explores the eternal question of what memories mean to us and those we love. We have no doubt that they will create a truly compelling film which will entertain and enrich audiences around the world.”

It will be interesting to see Wilson in such a dramatic role in a movie like this. But, before she made a name for herself in comedy, she actually trained in dramatic acting and appeared on stage in dramatic roles. She’ll finally be able to put those skills to use.

Source: Deadline

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