Ndemic Is Creating a New Game Mode for PLAGUE INC. for Players to Stop Pandemics

Ndemic Creations saw a rise in popularity for their mobile game Plague Inc. It’s a great game, but now they’re working on something else. The team is now developing a game update where players will have to help stop the spread of a pandemic. In fact, they’re even teaming with the World Health Organization and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network among other professionals. This update will be free to all players during the COVID-19 pandemic, although there is no word on when to expect it.

Players will have to balance managing disease progression and boosting healthcare systems as well as controlling real-world actions such as triaging, quarantining, social distancing and closing of public services.

This sounds like a lot of fun! I love Plague Inc., and the new mode sounds like a more detailed version of Pandemic, so I’m in. You can play Plague Inc. now on Android and iOS.

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