Marvel Releasing 3 New Podcasts on SiriusXM Including MARVEL’S WASTELANDERS

Marvel and SiriusXM have a deal of exclusive podcasts that play on SiriusXM. Well, a few new Marvel podcasts are on their way to to the premium radio service and they sound pretty cool. We’ve got Marvel’s Wastelanders coming in 2021 which will show fans a timeline where the villains of the Marvel universe came together to defeat most of the heroes. Naturally, this leads to the villains being charge and they divide the land amongst themselves. The heroes that we’ll follow include Grey Widow, Hawkeye, Old Man Logan, and Star-Lord.

A new multi-part original scripted audio series available exclusively on SiriusXM, featuring Marvel heroes Old Man Star-Lord, Grey Widow, Old Man Hawkeye, Old Man Wolverine, and more.

Another new series that actually premiered recently is Marvel/Method. Actor and rapper Method Man will interview celebrity guests.

The ultimate remix of Marvel fandom! Marvel/Method is a SiriusXM exclusive weekly podcast where actor and rapper Method Man interviews celebrity guests about life and all things fandom, Marvel comics, music and more. Guests will include DMC, Killer Mike, Jemele Hill, and many more!

The third new podcast recently revealed is Marvel’s Declassified. This nonfiction narrative podcast looks at the history of Marvel Comics through a contemporary lens. This is surely a treat that fans will want to check out and listen to when it premieres on December 8.

Marvel’s Declassified is a nonfiction narrative podcast focusing on the rich, dynamic, and evolving history of Marvel Comics – as told through a contemporary lens. Each episode is hosted by writer and comic book expert, Lorraine Cink (author of Powers of a Girl, co-author Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, and Ultimate Marvel) and acclaimed journalist and critic Evan Narcisse (author of Marvel’s Rise of the Black Panther). Utilizing unique access to writers, artists, editors, and industry insiders who have shaped key storylines and witnessed firsthand the historical shifts within the comic book industry, we get the real story of Marvel Comics as it could only be told by the House of Ideas itself.


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