Longer Teaser for BEAST MORPHERS S2 and Ryusoulger Revealed to be Next POWER RANGERS

Over the weekend, Power Rangers released an extended trailer for the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers that premiered on Saturday. The trailer showed some more footage of what to expect including a better look at the special crossover event that will feature the return of Austin St. John. This trailer was pretty awesome. However, the best part came at the very end.

Hasbro used this extended trailer to reveal that in 2021 Ryusoulger will be the next Sentai adapted for Power Rangers’ 28th season! This is a series that some fans are upset because it once again features dinosaurs, but others are excited because this will be the first knight motif. Personally, I think it could be really cool. I don’t follow Sentai, but I do like the aesthetics I’m seeing. Are you excited about the news?

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