Let’s Talk About SEVEN SECRETS #2

This issue of Seven Secrets introduces us to Caspar, the son of Sigurd and Eva, and I like him. He’s a kid raised by a secret society who really just wants to be a kid and lead a normal life. He wants to be connected to his parents, but due to the secretive nature of everything they’re involved in, that doesn’t happen. I do especially love the first interaction of Sigurd and Caspar. It’s so touching.

At the end of the issue, Caspar learns his parents have died and there’s a lot of foreshadowing for the series. The biggest thing though is in the final panel when he says that he dies in this adventure. Not usually something that comes up at this point of a story.

I really like Seven Secrets and cannot wait for the next issue. The art is incredible and the story is building up nicely. Kudos to Taylor and Di Nicuolo.

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