Let’s Talk About MIGHTY MORPHIN #3

Picking up from the preview, the new Chaos Putties are making things especially hard for the Green Ranger who also relies on Chaos Energy. So, Billy rescues them and tells them to go back to Promethea. Unfortunately for Billy, Aisha hears the conversation. After the fight, she confronts Billy about it and he talks about telling Zordon on his terms, and it really is an interesting development because now it’s not just Billy lying and waiting to tell Zordon. Now, Aisha has to make a call. Does she also start lying about stuff for Billy, or does she decide that she can’t do that and out him?

Back to the earlier fight, Zedd has Putty Prime do something that hits Adam with Chaos Energy, and he thinks the Rangers are monsters and the Putties are Rangers. Aisha quickly knocks him out with a blow to the head and the Rangers get out of there. Man, Aisha is really getting the spotlight this issue.

After the Rangers retreat, Alpha’s able to trace the teleportation trajectory of the Green Ranger for Zordon, and it leads him straight to Promethea and Grace Sterling. Zordon tells Grace that she needs to return the Dragon Coin and then agrees that she can have it until this new threat is dealt with and then it must be returned, even if Zordon has to use the Rangers as a personal army to procure it. I have to admit, I think Grace does have a good point about humanity taking charge of its own protection, and Zordon is getting mighty authoritarian which is not a good look on him. Between this and the Omega Rangers breaking Drakkon out, Zordon is losing his cool.

The issue ends with the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord going into battle against a giant Putty Prime, but the final thing I want to talk about is Bulk and Skull. They’re with Candice and being chased by some Chaos Putties. They end up trapped in an alley and Skull tries defending Candice, but his punch sadly doesn’t do anything. I do like the role that Bulk and Skull have in the comics versus the series. Candice throws a trash can at the Putty which defeats it or something. I wonder how much longer her charade will be able to last with everything going on.

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