Let’s Talk About FOLKLORDS #5

This issue was greatly crafted. It answered enough questions that it could end perfectly here, but it also left room for more story if that became an option. My hat off to Matt Kindt and Matt Smith for this. Ansel and the crew meet Ronald who is a Folklord who has been ruling the world for quite some time as a god. I think my biggest takeaway from the meeting was that Ansel may actually be from a different world which is why he has those visions.

I was bothered that no one let Archer really explain what his story was. He would start to talk and then either Ansel or Ugly would interrupt him to yell about how terrible he was. I just feel bad for him. Meanwhile, Sal really thought quick and was quite brilliant with what he did. I am curious as to what his story really is. Ronald said that only someone from his world could kill him and Sal was able to do that. My current theory is that Sal used to be a Folklord. He does seem to know quite a bit.

At the very end we saw a new character who appears to be in our world, but is like Ansel and has visions of a different world. Their different world seems to be more like the world that Ansel is in. This definitely leaves plenty of room for a continuation or a spin-off, and I hope we get it.

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