LEGO MASTERS Second Episode Takes Us to Space and Highlights Destruction

I’m a lot faster this time around with episode two of LEGO Masters and it was phenomenal. This time around, the competitors had to create stories with a space theme that would also have to look great while being destroyed. The method of destruction varied from explosions to baseball bat to gravity drop. Each of these methods had great moments at the end, but we’ll get there. Also, Mayim Byalik came in as a guest star and it was kind of cool, but then I felt underwhelmed. She showed up and helped Will Arnett with his hosting duties a little, but then partway through she just peaced out. I thought she was going to help destroy them or act as a third judge or something. It just felt a little forced to me.

So this week we saw some really cool builds with my personal favorite coming from Tyler and Amy. I felt like they really planned things out for the destruction the best and was not surprised at all when they ended up winning the week. They planned for that charge to drop into the monster just perfectly! I also greatly enjoyed Flynn and Richard’s underwater volcano and the video game scene created by Boone and Mark.

It’s no secret that Sam and Jessica are my least favorite team. I was really hoping that they’d be sent home. This was the second week where their lack of cohesion has put them in the bottom two. I will say that I did enjoy Arnett working to help the two stop fighting and improve their relationship a little. That was a sweet moment. I will also say that as much as I wanted Sam and Jessica to be eliminated, I know that the judges made the right call with Jessie and Kara. Their build fell apart getting to the table and didn’t leave a story post-destruction which means it didn’t meet multiple parameters.

Another highlight of the episode for me was when Flynn was freaking out and panicking about them possibly being kicked off and Richard helping to calm him and assure him. It was very sweet. I also appreciated the little bit of heckling from Mel and Jermaine gave Christian and Aaron about using the Golden Brick. Can we also talk about how brave Kara was when she kicked off her shoes to run over and grab LEGO in her bare feet when there are LEGO on the ground? That is a bold move.

Speaking of Christian and Aaron, I was not surprised that everyone was underwhelmed by their destruction. The judges 100% called it. There was a lot of negative space which meant fewer pieces and they used very strong connectors and pieces which means less splatter.

When it came to the different methods of destruction, I thought it was very clever that each team would have a different thing to plan for. This helped keep plenty of variety of designs and prevent things from being too much of the same.

I did get confused though. Did Tyler and Amy win a Golden Brick? Did they get it from Christian and Aaron? Do Christian and Aaron still have the only Golden Brick? I felt like there was talk throughout of the Golden Brick possibly being passed around. Can anyone clear that up for me? Who are you currently rooting for?

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