Find Love This Spring in the Upcoming Platformer SIR LOVELOT

Indie developer Pixel Games recently announced a new platformer called Sir Lovelot that looks very charming. In the game, you play as the titular Sir Lovelot and will go around gathering gifts and trying to find romance. It looks fantastic, especially if you’re into retro games, and with 40+ levels for you to traverse, should help take up some of your time.

Sir Lovelot is on a quest to find the love of his life, and only you can help him avoid the cold sting of loneliness (but let’s be real: solitude is great!). Join him in a wacky precision platformer in which he’ll realize that finding love isn’t as easy as he thinks! Collects gifts, avoid treacherous hazards and fight off weird creatures, all in the best possible time! It’s an absolutely heartbreaking hairy-tale, if ever there was one..

Sir Lovelot will launch on March 3 via Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. The soundtrack for the game comes from Alexander Falinski and the game will be available in the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • Polish

  • Turkish

  • Korean

  • Japanese

  • Chinese – Traditional

  • Luxembourgish

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