Enjoy Halloween with Less Horror in GNOMES IN THE NIGHT D&D Supplement

There are plenty of people who love getting into the Halloween spirit without needing to be scared pantsless via horror movies and games. Drew Dawes, Sadie Lowry, and Sven Truckenbrodt have created a Dungeons & Dragons supplement exactly for those people called Gnomes in the Night.

This is a 3-hour one-shot adventure for 3-5 level 2 characters (although it can be scaled for higher levels). In addition to a full-color 18-page PDF, DMs will also find handouts, a soundtrack to use via Spotify, 20+ custom illustrations, and more.

A Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition one-shot adventure for folks who love Halloween but do not love horror. Inspired by bedtime stories equal parts fun and frightening.

You can purchase Gnomes in the Night on DMs Guild via $4.95.

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