Enjoy Giving D&D Monsters More Depth with EZMERELDA’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EVIL

A team of DMs Guild creators have made a new great supplement for Dungeons & Dragons DMs to put into their toolboxes called Ezmerelda’s Encyclopedia of Evil. This unofficial supplement is designed to not only give you new monsters to play with, but also expand more on different types of creatures to help them be more than just a stat block of experience points. Dive a little deeper into what makes different types of creatures tick and make them more memorable with this incredible supplement from Alex Clippinger, Oliver Clegg, R P Davis, Anne Gregersen, Jen Vaughn, and Christopher Walz. Inside, you’ll get 35+ new monsters, 70+ alternate creature traits and abilities, 30+ new lair and regional effects, and much more.

Ezmerelda’s Encyclopedia of Evil is a monster book in the vein of Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, expanding creatures beyond their stat block and exploring ways to turn them into memorable parts of your D&D campaign. Within these pages, you’ll find over a dozen chapters on lycanthropes, vampires, lamia, dragons, aberrations, slaad, and more. Each chapter is designed to provide new stat blocks, traits, abilities, and play aids to turn the “boss creature” at the end of the dungeon into a memorable encounter, arc-long antagonist, or world-shaking villain.

You can purchase Ezmerelda’s Encyclopedia of Evil from DMs Guild for $19.95.

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