DUEL OVERLOAD Has Plenty to Offer Between New Cards and Reprints

Duel Overload is the latest set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and fans are so hyped for it. It released on Friday and everyone and their dog is talking about how many Crystron Halqifibrax (what was wrong with Needlfiber?) they got. Konami was kind enough to send me a box and I thought I’d show off what I got. I personally, am really excited for Fierce Flame Swordsman as I’m a huge lover of Warrior-type monsters and decks. Sadly, I didn’t pull one.

Duel Overload had more to offer than Halqifibrax though. Many were pumped for the number of reprints that were coming out as well as the number of cards getting the Ultra Rare treatment (all cards in the set are Ultra Rare). There are a lot of cards whose prices are coming down because of Duel Overload and that’s great! Cynet Mining, Magic Formula, Salamangreat Almiraj, Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode, Vanity’s Ruler, Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, and Chaos Dragon Levianeer (who also got alternate artwork) are all some of the bigger names that got reprints in this set and it’s amazing.

What did you guys pull in your Duel Overload boxes?

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