CRIT ACADEMY Launches Their New Store for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplements

Crit Academy is a podcast all about Dungeons & Dragons. They also create unofficial supplements for the game and have recently launched a new shop where you can find some of their materials. I greatly enjoy their materials and am once again happy to see what they have to offer. Exclusive to their new store, they have the Bladedancer which is an archetype for Rangers, The Symbiote which is a reflavor for multiclassing as a Barbarian/Fighter, and Unearthed Adventures which features 6 one-shot adventures. Oh, they also offer some pretty (and affordable) dice.

In Bladedancer, Rangers gain the ability to dual-wield blades and dance. The dances use a new mechanic called Rhythm and can do things like let you attack after using Dash or play aggro. If you get to level 15, you can even get up to 4 attacks per turn.

The Symbiote is a reflavor which means it takes the Barbarian/Fighter multiclass potential and reworks it to sound like something else. For example, instead of entering a Rage like a Barbarian normally does, you can enter a Symbiotic Form. You get the same benefits, it’s just flavored differently. It’s pretty cool to see these reflavors as well as sometimes that’s all something needs to really click with a player or character.

Finally, Unearthed Adventures are nice and short one-shots for DMs to use for a variety of methods. You can use these to simply let someone try being a DM, try out new characters, find ways to weave them into your own campaign, or maybe use them in an attempt to introduce that one friend to the game of D&D. The adventures range from people disappearing to fighting elementals to saving an innocent life with a twist.

These supplements all range from $1-$3 right now, and I think they’re worth taking a look at.

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