Bruce Willis is Back as John McClane in Mysterious New DIE HARD IS BACK Promo

Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rumor Willis, recently shared a mysterious promo video on social media with the hashtag “Die Hard is Back”. In the video, we see Willis back in the role of John McClane facing off with a group of bad guys that he is going to have to fight.

I have no idea what this is for. The video included the hashtag “Ad” so this very well be a Die Hard themed commercial or marketing stunt. But, there is also speculation that maybe another sequel to Die Hard was filmed in secret and this is a little tease of what’s to come.

At one point, 20th Century Fox was developing another Die Hard film, but after Disney bought Fox that fell apart. There have been rumors that Disney is interested in developing a TV series titled McClane, but there’s been no indication of that happening. But, I guess that’s a possibility as well.

Check out the promo spot for yourself and let us know what you think this Die Hard is Back promo is about!

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