Aminé Performs in Hot Air Balloon on Kimmel: Watch

Aminé soared over Los Angeles in a hot air balloon for his Thursday performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The balloon itself was a statement, festooned in Black Lives Matter messaging, flags of countries, and religious symbols from around the world. While attempting to honor the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland, Aminé made a broader statement about the interconnectedness of humanity.

The rapper launched into the two opening tracks of his new album Limbo, but in reverse order. First, he essayed his latest single “Woodlawn”. Lines like “Came a long way from that Woodlawn Park,” hit differently at 2,200 feet. After landing, Aminé stepped inside the balloon itself, transforming a mode of transportation into a dramatic venue. He played “Burden”, a kind of thesis statement for both the album and for a young, ambitious Black man figuring out his approach to life. “When your skin darker, shit gets harder,” he raps, before adding “This a black album like Shawn Carter.” Check out the performance below.

Last month, Aminé shared a non-album single with Luke Steele, “Hello”.

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